Item Description


Item # 801-C
Componet type stainless steel on kneewall

Custom:Component Type Chrome Pipe Rail On Knee Wall


Item # 802-P 4 line curved pipe rail

4 line Pipe Rail with radius bend and Powder Coated Finish



Item # 803-P

3 line pipe rail

3 Line Pipe Rail Fabricated From Aluminum & Powder Coat Finish Gloss White

Item # 804-P

scroll design in progress
Custom Scroll Design Rail in the design Stage


Item # 805-C 2 line aluminum pipe rail

2 Line Pipe Rail Fabricated From Aluminum & Powder Coated


More Elaborate Description & Options

Item # 806-P

prime painted iron rail
2x1 Cap Rail With 1" Square Vertical Balusters Fabricated From Steel & Prime Painted Only




Item #807-P 3 line pipe rail with llarge radius ends
Custom Pipe Railing With Large Radius Sweep



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Updated April 9, 2017

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