Item Description


Item # 901-W

Custom Bent Wrought Iron Railing With Twisted Vertical Balusters& Birds Nest Type Pickets


Item # 902-W

Wrought Iron Railing With Twisted Bars & Birds Nest Balusters& Powder Coated Finish Color Gloss Black Also 1 Gate to make Safe for baby



Item # 903-W

Steel Railing With Custom Lambs Tongue Ends,Twisted Bars & Custom Made Scrolls

Item # 904-W

Railing With Heart Shape scroll Side Mounted to allow for door clearance also a reduced height rail on top of kneewall


Item # 905-W

Custom interior railing with mild sweep at bottom & custom Balusters



Item # 906-W

Wrought Iron Railing With Scroll # 225 & 1/2" Square Vertical Balusters Fabricated From Steel & Painted White.




Item #907-W
Custom Interior Railing With Oak Cap & Custom Pickets & Powder Coat Finish



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Updated July 21, 2012

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