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Wrought Iron Railing


Our Wrought Iron Railings are custom fabricated from lengths of rolled steel stock supplied to us directly, We custom measure your job (locally only Long Island NY & Vicinity ) and build railings to custom fit your application. Picket are usually equally spaced and we try to keep a maximum opening of 4" between pickets & post . Scroll placement is also evenly dispersed on the railings but not always. All decisions on picket & scroll placement is SOLEY up to the fabricator !


About the painting; rails are painted in a large dip tank, in which rails are set down in the tank with paint in it and then removed & hung above to drip dry, drips & imperfections are not uncommon but the rail gets a good coat of paint since it is dipped. If you want a better finish consider Powder coating your railings. However powder coating without rust proofing will still have rusting issues


( The Standard wrought Iron railings come with straight vertical bars, No scrolls, & prime painted only)

Scrolls & Castings
Custom Scroll Patterns & Ornamental Castings
Ball caps & Finials
Special Caps for vertical balusters& post
Lateral sweeps
At the bottom step the rail turns out & sweeps to the side
Curved rails
Continuous feed bender forms rails that are contoured on platforms or down steps
Rust proofing
A rustproof treatment applied to iron railings after fabrication & before painting
Aluminum Railings
Looks the same as wrought iron railings when powder coated, but it never rust !! & looks great
Powder Coating
A baked on Color finish
Custom Railings
Custom fabricated railings to conform to your requirements

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Pipe Railings

About : Our pipe railings are typically fabricated from 1-1/4" schedule 40 pipe which is about 1-5/8" diameter (actual size is 1.66 +- " ) with a heavy wall thickness of about 1/8" All the bends of the pipes are hydraulically bent on a pipe bending machine with a 3" center line radius on the 1-1/4" pipe . Please note that there is some distortion at the bends but no crimping or folding of the pipe ( its smooth around the bend but slightly oval shaped) . I mention this because while this distortion is minimal & some people don't even notice it there are some people who dislike this, for them we recommend using either mitered corners or we can purchase distortion free elbows & weld them on ,but either way the railing will cost more & have more welds joining the pieces. Larger bends are created on a Continuous feed bender which is relatively distortion free.
The Welding; All the joints from pipe to pipe are coped ,then butt welded , & grinded smooth, Some joints from finished piece to finish piece may be attached with an internal splice connection leaving a seam where the two pipes join together , this is a typical field condition.